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December is here, the month that my annual fee for Apple’s App Developer Membership is due. To keep my apps active in the App Store for iOS and Mac devices, developers better not forget to pay. Failure to do so will result in being unpublished. This leads me to a question, why not have the annual fee automatically be deducted from app sale proceeds?


Can developers use Apple Pay for the annual membership fee? During the checkout process on the website, I came across this message:


Apple Pay Disabled


My Apple Card number was automatically selected to pay for the membership. The Apple Pay logo was grayed out further down which made me pause for a few moments. I kept saying to myself that I thought we get 3% back on all Apple services and products. It wasn’t until after I paid for the membership that the Apple Pay inside the Wallet app confirmed the fee was 3% cashback despite the website not disclosing this information. 

Apple Pay Receipt


So, even though Apple Pay is grayed out and says it is ineligible for one of the accepted payment types, it is indeed supported for the 3% cashback using the Apple Pay credit card number. Normally we only receive 1% for using the card. I thought I’d share in case this isn’t fixed by the time someone else pays for their annual fee. What an excellent way to receive $3.22, where I wouldn’t have otherwise.

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