It was January 1, 2020, around 1:23 AM that I was still awake celebrating a brand new year as we entered into the year 2020. The skies were filled with fireworks, the crowds of people had smiles, and laughter filled the air. Life was good, as I went to bed I said to myself, this year will be the best one yet! What could go wrong? I got this.

Fast forward till today as I write this on May 26, 2020, things have changed, and that is an understatement.

I’m not going to layout any stats or numbers, but what I want to say is I hope all my supporters, friends, and family are safe during these unprecedented times. I pray ya’ll have enough to put food on the table and more than enough to pay the bills. In these uncertain times, I am grateful I’m able to create apps and have some sort of financial income. I thank you for your support, and I pray for everyone who reads this that they are blessed with more than enough to get you by until things get back to normal.

We are all in this together.

Open mind

What does it mean to be an open-minded person? In America, having an open mind is hard to find. Open-minded individuals appear to be modern-day rebels — the ones who think for themselves. I view being open-minded as an invaluable skill.


Benefits of having an open-mind

  • Tolerant / Non-judgmental – open to everyone’s ideas, views, and actions. No need to get all worked up for nothing.
  • Curious or respectful of other religions and cultures.
  • Willing to question our own beliefs. Not afraid to ask questions and research.
  • Allow everyone to express themselves, no matter how controversial they may be.
  • Drive to want to learn more.
  • Not triggered when someone voices his/her opposing opinions.
  • Accepting constructive criticism.
  • Know that we do not know everything. There is always something new to learn. We are not smarter than anyone else. 


Free your mind, Neo. Break free of limiting beliefs.


I challenge everyone to face your fears. If your religious, talk with an atheist. Start a conversation about how your religion is different and why. Learn why this person made his/her choices. I’m not saying they are wrong or right, I am asking you to start questioning things with an open heart. Be receptive to everyone and what they are saying to you. 


Do not let fear hold you back.


When you hear about Elon Musk in the news about Tesla, what comes to your mind? Are you in awe of how this man has been able to overcome significant hurdles that the prominent Auto Manufacturers couldn’t accomplish? Or are you somehow have resentment towards the man because he is causing substantial changes in the auto industry?  


It was November 2019 that Tesla revealed the Tesla Cyber Truck to the world. I do admit, at first, the look of the truck looked ridiculous, and I was confused. I was expecting a sexy looking truck with the same outdated look as Ford. Needless to say, after showing all the features I was sold. If you can remember all the bad publicity the truck had, it was everywhere. I think the most used negative thing people said about it was, “I drew that car design when I was a kid.” My reaction to that is, yeah, maybe, but did it come with strong steel exterior and bulletproof windows? I have a colleague who swears that this Cyber Truck won’t be able to tow across the country and that it won’t be practical. The exciting part is, this truck isn’t out yet. Where is he getting this from? What could possibly be going on for him to make such a claim? Is it fear of the truck being successful? Is the Cyber Truck a threat to his ego? I do admit, Tesla is making all the auto manufacturers look bad. All a sudden Tesla comes along, creates vehicles that are capable of going faster than supercars, rated one of the safest cars in America, and cheaper for the features equipped. In business, if you drop the ball, any startup will come and take you out by offering a better product.


An example of being open-minded is to approach the Cyber Truck for what it is. It is a highly innovative vehicle that will be available for sale starting in 2021. No need to get all worked up about it. If it succeeds, then great! Otherwise, move on and focus on being productive in your life. Cars are nothing but tools to make our lives better. It doesn’t matter which vehicle we own.


Until next time, take care, my friend.

Prayer image

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear about prayer? What is a prayer, by the way? Prayer is a way to communicate with our Heavenly Father. We can pray for guidance, protection, health, wealth, family, friends, neighbors, and everything else. There are no limits, as long as our intentions are good, and we hold a strong faith.


How Do I Possess Power To Pray?


Praying has nothing to do with magic or theatrical scenes that we see from movies. To think about it, that would be epic to have Jesus or Angels appear out of nowhere to deliver messages to you. While I’m not saying this cannot happen, most likely, it won’t ever happen to you. The power we have is through believing. Merely stating a simple prayer and believing that your words are heard is enough. Heavenly Father knows more than we know. He knows and listens to every prayer we say. 


Mark 6:5-6 (KJV):

5 And he could there do no mighty work, save that he laid his hands upon a few sick folk, and healed them. 
6 And he marvelled because of their unbelief. And he went round about the villages, teaching.

We learn from Mark 6:5-6 that healings are not always delivered. This is due to a lack of faith. To get the most out of praying, one must believe and have faith in Jesus Christ. Another verse is

Matthew 21:22 (KJV) :

22 And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.

We need to remember; everything is possible with Jesus Christ. 


Common Mistakes


When praying, one thing we should not do is be repetitive. 

7 But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking –Matthew 6:7 (KJV).

Not being genuine when praying is another mistake. He knows our intentions before we say it.


You do not have faith as mentioned above. Matthew 21:22 (KJV).


Expecting prayers to be answered right away. Most times they will be answered when the time is right.


Top Scriptures on Prayer


7 Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: –Matthew 7:7

24 Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them. –Mark 11:24


14 Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord:

15 And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him.

16 Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. –James 5:14-16


Prayer App To Help Pray More Often


Prayer Request Notes is an app dedicated to prayer. The app helps promote you to write down individual and group prayers. I invite you to download it now and share it with your friends, church, and families. Learn more here.



Good news, Google is finally focusing on making sure Android apps are safe! There have been quite a few reports of malware and security risks for Android devices for quite some time now. A research company claims to have had access to device camerasPlay Store allowed apps that include malware inside them. Most of the Android devices available do not support the latest Android versions. This has caused big headaches for app developers as well through Android fragmentation. By the way, using outdated software has security risks on its own.


Since Google’s business model is all about advertisements and sharing user’s data, it comes as no surprise that the Android platform isn’t secure. Usually, when a piece of software is free, there is a hidden cost that, which can be your data is being tracked and forced advertisements. What if Android wasn’t built with security in mind? What if it was built to make it easy to share user’s data? iPhones are locked down to protect user’s data, why are Androids wide open?


I am just thinking back about how it wasn’t too long ago back on September 23, 2008, that Android was first released. The good news is Android is finally working on securing its apps today in November 2019. It only took them 11 years to try to fix the problem. Some people are slower than others. I’ll give them that, but then again, security is a pretty big deal.


I’m all for more security and ensuring apps are safe for everyone. I look forward to seeing improvements on Android. I’m hopeful at least. Android developer’s wishlist would be to have that fragmentation issue fixed already, but we can all dream, right?


December is here, the month that my annual fee for Apple’s App Developer Membership is due. To keep my apps active in the App Store for iOS and Mac devices, developers better not forget to pay. Failure to do so will result in being unpublished. This leads me to a question, why not have the annual fee automatically be deducted from app sale proceeds?


Can developers use Apple Pay for the annual membership fee? During the checkout process on the website, I came across this message:


Apple Pay Disabled


My Apple Card number was automatically selected to pay for the membership. The Apple Pay logo was grayed out further down which made me pause for a few moments. I kept saying to myself that I thought we get 3% back on all Apple services and products. It wasn’t until after I paid for the membership that the Apple Pay inside the Wallet app confirmed the fee was 3% cashback despite the website not disclosing this information. 

Apple Pay Receipt


So, even though Apple Pay is grayed out and says it is ineligible for one of the accepted payment types, it is indeed supported for the 3% cashback using the Apple Pay credit card number. Normally we only receive 1% for using the card. I thought I’d share in case this isn’t fixed by the time someone else pays for their annual fee. What an excellent way to receive $3.22, where I wouldn’t have otherwise.


We are back at it with another review. This time around it isn’t a piece of technology, it is one of the best foods available in the United States of America, bacon!

This perfection comes as no surprise as to why it is so addicting. Bacon is the flappy birds of food. It is beautiful. It sings to us. It inspires us. In all its crispiness, it’s amazing.

Vegans are no longer trending as bacon cannot be resisted. It’s part of life and must be embraced. To help improve morale and in office productivity nothing is more efficient than bringing bacon to work.

Turns out this isn’t a review after all, it is a fascination over bacon. 

Let’s celebrate this time by eating some juicy, watery, crispy bacon. To help gather some unique receipts on bacon I put a list of some great bacon resources to look into below.

Top Bacon Blogs

Ladies and gentlemen, we are in luck. There are a few apps on bacon available including this wonderful game.

Bacon – The Game

Play Store
Itunes App Store

Stay hungry, my friends.

iPhone 11 Max Pro

It has arrived, the iPhone 11 Max Pro. This was the first time I actually purchased an iPhone on the release date via online. I’m all for technology but why waste time being idle sitting in a long line at Apple’s retail store when I can place an order online? I’d rather be productive with my time so, it all worked out. iPhone 11 Max Pro in green was delivered on September 20th, 2019.


Back in the day


            Previously I owned an iPhone 6 Plus since 2015. The phone works just as new. If it wasn’t for Apple not releasing iOS 13 to iPhone 6 Plus devices, I probably wouldn’t of upgraded. The device was reliable, worked great for so many years but, I also need access to the latest iOS builds. My cellular carrier offered me $30 to trade my phone in while I was going through the process of buying the new phone. Luckily we have access to eBay to where it’s listed at auction, currently over $100 and about 4 days left. Whatever you do, do not trade it in with your carrier.


This thing is fast!


The speed difference between the 6 Plus and 11 Max Pro is a significant difference in my experience. It has been reported that Apple has intentionally throttled speeds on devices with old batteries. This makes me wonder if that was the reason the 6 Plus felt slower. Regardless these devices seem to be reliable despite all the abuse they go through on a daily basis. I expect the 11 Max Pro to last me 4+ years as the 6 Plus has.


The Cons – Apple please fix


            Being that this is a new iPhone, why does it not come with Airpods? The cable lineup Apple has for its products is a nightmare. I’m rocking a 2015 Mac Book Pro that only has thunderbolt inputs and yet the 11 Max Pro came with USB-C. The software for iOS is “intuitive” and tailored to the user and yet the cables are not. I would love to have included adapters to work with my other Apple products without needing to go to an electronic store. The included headphones wont connect to my Mac out of the box, that requires an additional adapter. This is all wishful thinking of course. Who knows, by the time we receive the next macOS update I’d have to upgrade my computer next.


Should you upgrade?


If your device is still supported to receive iOS 13 then I’d say wait. They release new versions every year with new hardware specs and software features. Most of the time the newer devices do not offer significant changes to warrant an upgrade. For me, the change from 6 Plus to 11 Max Pro was big changes and am happy I upgraded.

airplane flight

Getting the cheapest flight while traveling is usually the top priority when planning any type of trip. Sometimes this means planning around early 3:00 AM flights and long delays in hope to save a pretty penny or two. I don’t blame you, I’ve done the same thing before. The thing about planning your vacation trip is, we usually forget all the details of places or events around us. To help identify local places and events we can turn to mobile apps. We are literally holding powerful computers in our pockets, why not take advantage of all this technology? Here are some apps that can help enhance your traveling experience.


Google Maps
If anyone hasn’t already used it before, should know, this is one of the vital apps to have while traveling. It allows for GPS for cars, walking, and street view images to help identify buildings. Ensure to save offline maps in the event you do not have cellphone reception.

Itunes App Store Play Store


TripIt: Travel Planner
This app has a lot of great features to list but the top I love are creating itineraries, offline mode, access flight details, and map easily navigate through airports.

Itunes App Store Play Store


Google Translate
Even if you aren’t flying out of the country, it is good to have a translator accessible. Google Translate allows anyone to translate written text, audio from strangers, and using camera to help translate public signs. Can’t go wrong with this free service.

Itunes App Store Play Store



No matter how far you travel or what the purpose is for, taking advantage of the latest technology can help make life easier for us all. For further traveling advice, I invite you to take a look at this article about Travel Safety Tips.


So, where will you travel to next?

Apple Card

Apple Card is here. While this is new to us all, rumor has it that Steve Jobs attempted to release a credit card back in 2004. So, what is the big deal? What makes this credit card so special?


The top-selling features of this credit card are:

  • ZERO annual fees.
  • No credit card number visible on the titanium card.
  • 3% cashback on Apple products and services.
  • Cashback is available within 24 hours.
  • 2% cash back for all other purchases made using Apple Wallet.
  • 1% cash back for all purchases using the titanium card.
  • The cool factor of owning a titanium credit card. Throw it on a table and it’ll get everyone’s attention.
  • Apple Wallet shows how much you need to pay to avoid paying interest.
  • No international fees.
  • No over-limit fees.
  • No late fees.


Too good to be true?

As with everything there are cons. Purchases made using that fancy titanium card is only 1% cashback. The APR ranges between 12.99% to 23.99%regardless of credit. It looks like the way they make money is through higher interest rates.


Will everyone get approved?

I signed up more out of curiosity at first but lo and behold I was accepted. Mind you, my credit isn’t all that worthy, to begin with, so I was a bit surprised.

Will everyone get approved? It appears so, according toBusiness Insider. Goldman Sachs and Apple are offering “subprime” credit cards. This sounds great for people who spend wisely. Yet, it also has consequences if people are not careful. Not going to lie, it reminded me of the 2008 financial crash. This whole idea to be doing business with Golden Sachs feels iffy. But, that’ll make sure I adjust to never pay on interest.


Why did I get one?

I applied for the same reason everyone else did. It was for that titanium card and the 3% cashback for Apple products and services.


How fast did I get the card?

I applied on August 8, 2019. The wallet app informed me within a few minutes that I was approved. To get the titanium card, there was an option I could request one for free. I finally received mine on August 21, 2019, via UPS 2nd Day Air. The delivery driver left it on my porch. All I had to do to activate the card was a tap inside the Apple Wallet app.


Is this card for everyone?

From a financial standpoint, no this is not. I think the interest rates are too high to carry a balance over 30 days. If used responsibly it could be a great benefit. A thing to remember is every credit card is a liability that needs to be monitored. This card is exclusive to Apple devices, so if you’re wanting to use another phone then this may not be a good idea. Who knows, maybe Apple Wallet will be available on all other devices soon. Just note most retail stores do not accept Apple Pay yet.


Who is this card good for?

This is great for purchasing Apple products and services. Mostly because you get 3% cashback. As an app developer who needs the latest devices anyways, it is a no brainer for myself as I have to buy it anyways. 

The approval rate seems to be wide open right now. So, if you need to build your credit history this may be beneficial. That is if you remember to spend responsibly.

The titanium credit card has been great talking points with cashiers and restaurant waitresses. The titanium card can be used as a strategy to get attention or break the ice. 

So, all in all, what do you think? Are you interested in applying for the Apple Card? I hope this helps someone answer any questions they may have about the Apple Card.



Update image

Computers and smartphones are not that different, as in they both use similar hardware. After years of using them they both can be bogged down or appear to be sluggish. Here are some ways to help optimize your smartphone:


Update Apps, Security patches, and Operating System.
Ensuring your using the latest software is vital for the security aspect of your devices. It also serves to provide best bug fixes that could of resulted in poor performance prior to updating. Majority of issues and security threats occur on devices that are not updated to the latest software. Since updating apps and smartphone devices are easy to do, it is best to just rule out to see if this fixes the issue first.
iOS: Settings → General → Software Update.
Android: Settings → About Phone → System Updates. 


Widgets are great resources to view information without needing to opening up the app. However, if we setup too many, it can cause the device to lag or slow down. A thing to consider is if having it turned on really worth it for you.

iOS: Swipe right from the Home screen → Edit → Tap all red negative buttons to remove → Done.

Android: Hold down on widget → Remove/Delete.


Live Wallpaper

This is a cool feature that may look great but will also slow down your Android device. This is usually very noticeable in sluggish feeling once applied.

Android: Tap and hold on home screen → Wallpapers → Select wallpaper image → Set Wallpaper.


Apps, Text Messages, Photos, Videos, and Documents

Ensuring we remove apps that are not used can free up additional space that our device may need to function properly. Our devices are slower if we are almost to storage capacity so to help keep the device run smoothly, less is more. This applies to everything on our device such as apps, text messages, photos, videos, and documents.


Prevent Apps From Tracking Your Location / Run in Background

Some apps run in the background even if they are not being used. Some common apps that use such methods are weather, navigation, and bank apps.

iOS: Settings → General → Background App Refresh → Toggle off app(s).
Android: Settings → Data Usage → Restrict Background Data. 

Delete Social Media and Messenger Apps

This may not be an option for most but to be completely honest, these top social media apps are data and performance hogs on your devices. Not only will the battery life improve but also the performance of your devices if removed.


If All Else Fails, Factory Reset Device

I find this is mostly for Android devices as I personally have ran into situations where the only thing I could do to boost performance was to factory reset my device. Not sure what it was or why but these Android devices aren’t built as effective as the iOS devices I’ve experienced. 

iOS: Settings → General → Reset → Erase All Content and Settings.
Android: Settings → Backup and Reset → Factory Data Reset → Reset Phone → Input password → Erase Everything.