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We are back at it with another review. This time around it isn’t a piece of technology, it is one of the best foods available in the United States of America, bacon!

This perfection comes as no surprise as to why it is so addicting. Bacon is the flappy birds of food. It is beautiful. It sings to us. It inspires us. In all its crispiness, it’s amazing.

Vegans are no longer trending as bacon cannot be resisted. It’s part of life and must be embraced. To help improve morale and in office productivity nothing is more efficient than bringing bacon to work.

Turns out this isn’t a review after all, it is a fascination over bacon. 

Let’s celebrate this time by eating some juicy, watery, crispy bacon. To help gather some unique receipts on bacon I put a list of some great bacon resources to look into below.

Top Bacon Blogs

Ladies and gentlemen, we are in luck. There are a few apps on bacon available including this wonderful game.

Bacon – The Game

Play Store
Itunes App Store

Stay hungry, my friends.

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