Sedona Vortex Views
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To get the best views, you have to book a hotel stay at the Sky Ranch Lodge. This place is worth every penny as it will be an experience you will not forget. I chose to stay one night here because they offer a safe place to park your car, have incredible views, and are within walking distance to the infamous Airport Mesa Vortex


Airport Mesa Vortex    Sedona Vortex Hike


What Is the “Vortex”?


What is the Sedona Vortex?


How Does It Feel In Person?


My timing and experience with the vortex were short-lived. Although I was only in the vortex for what seemed like 30 minutes, it was enough to notice a difference in my energy. As I was climbing the rocks to get to the top, my heart was pounding faster, followed by a surge of energy that hit me like a couple of bricks. It was somewhat subtle but significant enough to notice something strange is going on. At first, it made me stop as it completely caught me off guard. I wasn’t sure if it was me getting out of breath from hiking or the vortex, or both. It had a beautiful 360 view from the top. Unfortunately, halfway to the vortex, it started raining, and by the time I reached the vortex, it was pouring rain. Here I am, in my pants, shirt, iPhone in my pocket, Apple Watch on my wrist, and no shade or cover from the rain. It is about a 15 to 20-minute hike back to my hotel. I can either enjoy the moment or head back, and both scenarios mean I’m soaked in the rain, so it didn’t matter. I decided to stay and experience it myself. I drove four hours, booked a hotel almost thirty days in advance for the cheaper rates only to arrive on a rainy day. Go figure.


What Are the Sedona Vortex Side Effects?


After the initial sensations, I didn’t feel anything else until after I left the vortex and the side effects linger for the next two days. 

  • Burning sensations on my right ear. Random times during the day for a few minutes.
  • Burning sensations on my right eye. Just felt this once the following day. 
  • Feel sluggish. Tired. I didn’t have enough energy to visit the vortex the next day before hotel checkout. Also, my shoes were still soaked from the rain the previous day.
  • I had a stomach bug that lasted one day. My body wanted to detox from something.
  • Felt peaceful. Calm. Happy. 


Anything Miraculous Happen Since Being Here?


Do you mean besides hiking on a narrow path while the rain was pouring down on me and walking through mud, rock, puddles, and rain runoff down the hill? I do feel a lot calmer and peaceful. Also, this could be a coincidence, but since I’ve been here, my app sales have increased by 200%, and my eBay store sales have set a new record of 24 orders in one day. I had those items listed over 30 days without a sale. I received eight more sales on the second day after visiting the vortex. I also received an unexpected refund from a loan that I paid off weeks prior. Coincidence? It seems as if I was blessed just by visiting Sedona. 


The experience I had will be a moment I won’t forget. I met tourists, enjoyed the views, and took a hike in the pouring rain. I look forward to revisiting Sedona very soon again. 


Did anything miraculous happen? I do not understand what happened, but yes, I feel like a new person.

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