Open mind
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What does it mean to be an open-minded person? In America, having an open mind is hard to find. Open-minded individuals appear to be modern-day rebels — the ones who think for themselves. I view being open-minded as an invaluable skill.


Benefits of having an open-mind

  • Tolerant / Non-judgmental – open to everyone’s ideas, views, and actions. No need to get all worked up for nothing.
  • Curious or respectful of other religions and cultures.
  • Willing to question our own beliefs. Not afraid to ask questions and research.
  • Allow everyone to express themselves, no matter how controversial they may be.
  • Drive to want to learn more.
  • Not triggered when someone voices his/her opposing opinions.
  • Accepting constructive criticism.
  • Know that we do not know everything. There is always something new to learn. We are not smarter than anyone else. 


Free your mind, Neo. Break free of limiting beliefs.


I challenge everyone to face your fears. If your religious, talk with an atheist. Start a conversation about how your religion is different and why. Learn why this person made his/her choices. I’m not saying they are wrong or right, I am asking you to start questioning things with an open heart. Be receptive to everyone and what they are saying to you. 


Do not let fear hold you back.


When you hear about Elon Musk in the news about Tesla, what comes to your mind? Are you in awe of how this man has been able to overcome significant hurdles that the prominent Auto Manufacturers couldn’t accomplish? Or are you somehow have resentment towards the man because he is causing substantial changes in the auto industry?  


It was November 2019 that Tesla revealed the Tesla Cyber Truck to the world. I do admit, at first, the look of the truck looked ridiculous, and I was confused. I was expecting a sexy looking truck with the same outdated look as Ford. Needless to say, after showing all the features I was sold. If you can remember all the bad publicity the truck had, it was everywhere. I think the most used negative thing people said about it was, “I drew that car design when I was a kid.” My reaction to that is, yeah, maybe, but did it come with strong steel exterior and bulletproof windows? I have a colleague who swears that this Cyber Truck won’t be able to tow across the country and that it won’t be practical. The exciting part is, this truck isn’t out yet. Where is he getting this from? What could possibly be going on for him to make such a claim? Is it fear of the truck being successful? Is the Cyber Truck a threat to his ego? I do admit, Tesla is making all the auto manufacturers look bad. All a sudden Tesla comes along, creates vehicles that are capable of going faster than supercars, rated one of the safest cars in America, and cheaper for the features equipped. In business, if you drop the ball, any startup will come and take you out by offering a better product.


An example of being open-minded is to approach the Cyber Truck for what it is. It is a highly innovative vehicle that will be available for sale starting in 2021. No need to get all worked up about it. If it succeeds, then great! Otherwise, move on and focus on being productive in your life. Cars are nothing but tools to make our lives better. It doesn’t matter which vehicle we own.


Until next time, take care, my friend.

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