iPhone 11 Max Pro
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It has arrived, the iPhone 11 Max Pro. This was the first time I actually purchased an iPhone on the release date via online. I’m all for technology but why waste time being idle sitting in a long line at Apple’s retail store when I can place an order online? I’d rather be productive with my time so, it all worked out. iPhone 11 Max Pro in green was delivered on September 20th, 2019.


Back in the day


            Previously I owned an iPhone 6 Plus since 2015. The phone works just as new. If it wasn’t for Apple not releasing iOS 13 to iPhone 6 Plus devices, I probably wouldn’t of upgraded. The device was reliable, worked great for so many years but, I also need access to the latest iOS builds. My cellular carrier offered me $30 to trade my phone in while I was going through the process of buying the new phone. Luckily we have access to eBay to where it’s listed at auction, currently over $100 and about 4 days left. Whatever you do, do not trade it in with your carrier.


This thing is fast!


The speed difference between the 6 Plus and 11 Max Pro is a significant difference in my experience. It has been reported that Apple has intentionally throttled speeds on devices with old batteries. This makes me wonder if that was the reason the 6 Plus felt slower. Regardless these devices seem to be reliable despite all the abuse they go through on a daily basis. I expect the 11 Max Pro to last me 4+ years as the 6 Plus has.


The Cons – Apple please fix


            Being that this is a new iPhone, why does it not come with Airpods? The cable lineup Apple has for its products is a nightmare. I’m rocking a 2015 Mac Book Pro that only has thunderbolt inputs and yet the 11 Max Pro came with USB-C. The software for iOS is “intuitive” and tailored to the user and yet the cables are not. I would love to have included adapters to work with my other Apple products without needing to go to an electronic store. The included headphones wont connect to my Mac out of the box, that requires an additional adapter. This is all wishful thinking of course. Who knows, by the time we receive the next macOS update I’d have to upgrade my computer next.


Should you upgrade?


If your device is still supported to receive iOS 13 then I’d say wait. They release new versions every year with new hardware specs and software features. Most of the time the newer devices do not offer significant changes to warrant an upgrade. For me, the change from 6 Plus to 11 Max Pro was big changes and am happy I upgraded.

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