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Prayer Request Notes

Prayer Request Notes is the best app available to help promote praying. This is not just a tool to individually pray and keep track of what you pray for but also to help share and inspire others to pray as well. The perfect solution for churches, group leaders, families, friends, and anyone else organizing and wanting to manage and share prayer lists. 


  • Create and manage individual prayers.
  • Create and manage group prayers.
  • Create individual and list of group prayers in .txt and .csv files.
  • Share a list of prayers or save on your device.
  • Request Prayers a 100% free service inside the app. No limits.
  • Prayer Timer.
  • Scriptures on prayer.
  • No internet required.

I invite everyone to share this app with family and friends. Have a blessed day!





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Keep track of all your personal prayers









This app feature will help you manage a list of all your personal prayers. Sometimes we don’t receive answers until a few days to a few years later. What better way to go back to what we prayed about in the past and be reminded of what we said and what answers came through. 

Prayer Request Notes Screenshot

Prayer Request Notes Screenshot

Easily manage a list of groups and prayers









Being able to create and manage group prayers has to be the best feature of Prayer Request Notes. There is no monthly fee’s which gives you complete freedom. This feature is for you, the church organizer, teachers, elders, or anyone who wants to share group prayers among family and friends, we have the perfect solution for you. Sharing abilities are through email, CSV files, and print.

Request prayers









This is a unique offering where I offer a genuine prayer on your behalf. This is 100% free through the app. I am not special in any way, Heavenly Father is and knows what you need. I have experienced times where things have improved when family and friends prayed on my behalf, I wish to pray for others who could benefit to pay it forward. 

Prayer Request Notes Screenshot

Prayer Request Notes Screenshot

Export prayers to TXT or CSV File









Exporting data is very important. This is why this feature was included in the app. Prayer Request Notes allows users to export 1 or more prayers. You can export the small or big list of individual and group prayers easily. The perfect solution when wanting to share prayers among groups.
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