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Getting the cheapest flight while traveling is usually the top priority when planning any type of trip. Sometimes this means planning around early 3:00 AM flights and long delays in hope to save a pretty penny or two. I don’t blame you, I’ve done the same thing before. The thing about planning your vacation trip is, we usually forget all the details of places or events around us. To help identify local places and events we can turn to mobile apps. We are literally holding powerful computers in our pockets, why not take advantage of all this technology? Here are some apps that can help enhance your traveling experience.


Google Maps
If anyone hasn’t already used it before, should know, this is one of the vital apps to have while traveling. It allows for GPS for cars, walking, and street view images to help identify buildings. Ensure to save offline maps in the event you do not have cellphone reception.

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TripIt: Travel Planner
This app has a lot of great features to list but the top I love are creating itineraries, offline mode, access flight details, and map easily navigate through airports.

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Google Translate
Even if you aren’t flying out of the country, it is good to have a translator accessible. Google Translate allows anyone to translate written text, audio from strangers, and using camera to help translate public signs. Can’t go wrong with this free service.

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No matter how far you travel or what the purpose is for, taking advantage of the latest technology can help make life easier for us all. For further traveling advice, I invite you to take a look at this article about Travel Safety Tips.


So, where will you travel to next?