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Tip Service Calculator

The best Tip Calculator available in the app store! This is not just an app, it’s a tool for everyday use, everywhere you go!

Easily run the numbers to know how much to tip our awesome waitresses, bill amount, and how much it’ll cost while eating out in big or small groups (up to 20 guests). Not just great for restaurants but also coffee shops and anywhere that accepts tips.

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Split the bill & tip, up to 20 friends










Split the bill and share results with your friends.

It doesn’t matter how many guests you have with Tip Service Calculator you’ll be able to split the bill in a matter of seconds.

Eating out also means needing to tip our awesome waitresses who serve us. No worries about not knowing how much to tip a waitress, by using the app you’ll get an accurate amount where you can configure how much you want to tip someone by percentage rates from total bill amount.

Remember waitresses need to eat too, so tip them well.

Tip Service Calculator Screenshot

Tip Service Calculator Screenshot

All saved on your device. No internet required









Manage the history of all your restaurant experiences. Tip Service Calculator saves it all on your device. Keep history for your records, personal references, and maybe even for tax writeoffs. 

Keep track of where you eat and print details for taxes









For some, seeing a history of what you ate can be valuable information. And others in the business world can also use such information for tax purposes. We are all taxed enough so go ahead and note that tax deduction.

Tip Service Calculator Screenshot

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